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The Pond – Sweet Fancy Christmas – Tom's Tanks
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The Pond – Sweet Fancy Christmas

 In Pond

“Hey I’ve got 25 fish tanks I’m growing blah blah blah…”

The pond in October 2013

The pond in October 2013

I need to shut up. Or just talk about the pond.

As best as I can calculate and measure it is about 200′ x 300′ and 20′ deep in the center. There are two streams on my property that feed it, albeit slowly and mainly underground, and it drains under Roads End Rd into a stream which continues to the reservoir:


The water flow through my property

There are smallmouth bass, perch, snapping turtles, and many species of frogs. The aquatic and marginal plants are too numerous to name here. I got a lot of pond plants from Ridgefield Pet, and my dad as well, which is great because I’m not really doing much else. As I set up my “pond garden” area complete with rock walls and landscaping I’ll be posting my progress or frustration along with action shots.

Technical – Full Sun to Full Shade, ph ~6, cold at depth with a strong undercurrent.

Also, there is a zip line involved (over the pond) but that will have to wait until next summer. I have the zip line, but it’s too cold. Apparently


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