12 Gallon Long
high tech waiting on some fish (or shrimp)
Ram with Babies
55 Gallon
low tech with Geophagus Balzani and friends

The Magic of Tom’s Tanks

Tom’s Tanks is a repository of pictures of my (Tom Figura) aquariums, terrariums, paludariums, and other water-based projects. Right now I have 12 high-tech planted tanks, a dozen or so other lo-tech with various degrees of planting, and keep primarily Central and South American fish. I breed Geophagus sp. and types, I don’t know how I got into them what with the planted tanks and them digging, but they’re a fun type of cichlid. I am an active member of The Aquatic Plant Society (on facebook), and I love trading plants. Because I have 20+ tanks I always have small flat rate boxes ready to go. Get in touch with me and we’ll be tank buddies.

Other than fish tanks, I’m a graphic designer and a partner in a marketing agency, pondSoup. I designed this website. Probably build one for you, too.

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