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I’m Tom (Figura). I have apparently decided that having a lot of aquariums/fish tanks and other -iums to grow stuff in is a good plan. To that end, I set up this nifty web site to document my experiments, both failures and successes. I recently (2 months ago) moved into a house in South Salem, NY. Beyond the fishrooms I have 4 acres with streams and a pond where a lot of projects will be happening as well.

In my former abode in Stuyvesant Town, NY I had 22 aquariums and 3 terrariums. I have pictures of a lot of them and some were pretty cool so I will put them up at some point. I had a lot of tanks but if you came over I looked like a psychotic. Now all of the tanks are in my utility fish room and display room so I just seem like a guy with a lot of tanks and maybe a little psychotic IF I let you know.

I’m in a good spot with the installations – the utility fish room is constructed and a slop sink has been installed, and the plan for the display room is about to be finalized and them undertaken. Though I missed out on documenting the utility fish room construction phases (just madness, photos would have looked like Cloverfield) I’m going to start an entry for each tank as I plant them and we’ll go from there. I hope you enjoy, please feel free to make any comments or suggestions as I am always learning, and if you are in the area please stop by and see Tom’s Tanks.

Stay Damp.

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